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People, students and longing for excellence. If the status quo, do not make progress, all day unexamined, then your starting point how high, it will fall more miserable. Similarly, if you do not have a superior origin, well-off family, you should work harder. Do not let others put you far behind, because the backward is to be beaten.
Look at Japan, why is it always so arrogant? It has been so arrogant Well? Because it is a small island, but has become second only to the United States and China, the world's third largest economy. But it has not been so arrogant, when Japan was also the United States ironclads broke the door, signed a series of unequal humiliation treaty, because then the Japanese too weak, too backward. Look at me, China has also been the East hegemony, but because of closed-door policy, seek peace and happiness, suffered the powers of the trample. Because at that time China is too weak, too backward. Now, with the improvement of overall national strength, world status is also increasingly important, so no one dare to look down on us. This shows that backwardness will be beaten, and powerful can be respected.
As a student, academic nature is our first priority. Performance is also increasingly important. Because good results means that the outside of praise - the teacher's appreciation, parents praise, students admiration. But the brilliant achievements is the need to pay sweat and hard work.
Learning to ride the boat, do not advance. If you have been satisfied with the achievements made, you will be back again and again, eventually being far left behind. While the backward will be "beaten". "Beaten" is not just the external force, you will give yourself pressure.
Some people "beaten", will work hard. Such people even if the original results are not prominent in the efforts will gradually pick up, and will receive outside praise. And some people will give up on themselves, from depressed.
But life is only one chance, do not make the choice to sell their regret.
You really willing to put people after the Well?
Whether it is competition between countries, or academic contest. Get behind, get punished"!
Do not hesitate, do not pause, let us rush forward!

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